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  • Scarlet says:

    Cock, Schlong, Monster, Member, Penis, Little John, Mini Me, Lingam

    As an Escort, I have seen them all…. Long, short, thick thin, black , white, cut and uncut, pierced ….

    And I love them all!

    I never knew how much I enjoyed worshipping a man’s penis until I became an escort …. To me it is such a delicious, sacred experience. I love to run my tongue along a man’s balls and slowly work my way up to the tip of his cock … I adore watching his cock quiver with excitement and occasionally I can actually orgasm while giving a BJ.

    As an Escort I use and love the word Cock, but as a Tantrika I love the word ‘Lingam’, which means ‘wand of light’.

    Guys do you realize your Cock/Lingam is a precious wand of light?

    …. he is not just something you fuck with, if you allow him, he can lead you and your partner on the most magnificent, seductive enlightening adventures.

    Get to know your cock, whatever he looks like, be proud of him, love him and enjoy him.

    Gentlemen why not take a moment today to have a sacred experience with your cock.

    So often masturbation is a hurried experience (learnt in your teenage years), now as a grown man take the time to consciously worship your Lingam.

    Make sure you will not be disturbed, turn the lights down low, light a candle and undress.

    Stand naked before a mirror.

    Slowly stroke your neck, arms, body

    Maybe us a feather tickler and tickle and stroke your body

    What does it feel like to run the tickler over your cock and balls?

    Look at your Lingam, send thoughts of love to him

    Lie down on your bed and stroke your balls …

    Run your fingers along your cock

    Use some oil … feel how smooth and soft he is

    Feel your lingam becoming harder as you slowly touch yourself

    Enjoy the sensation

    Take your time, there is no hurry

    With one hand on your Lingam and one hand on your heart, breathe love into your Lingam and up to your Heart

    Stroke some more

    Feel into the sensations, feel into the pleasure

    There is no goal ….you may cum …. Or you may not

    Just Enjoy

    So my advice to you … stand up and be proud of your cock, send him love and remember he is your delicious ‘wand of light’

    Love Scarlet xxx

  • Colin says:

    For many years I have clipped my pubes with a hair clipper. I could not imagine them any other way. I can’t see the purpose of having bushy pubic hair and believe in male grooming when it comes to that area of the male body. Clipped pubes also enhances the penis. Hair on the balls also has no purpose of place. This is of course my opinion but I really do prefer it that way.

  • GDL says:

    One time my girlfriend who had a permanent retainer was going down on me. I thought that she had slipped up and used a little bit of teeth and I was like “hmm, well, that hurt a little but I’m sure it won’t happen again.” Then it happened again, and again… and again. I told her to stop. She stopped. There was blood everywhere. Her retainer had broken free and repeatedly stabbed me. It looked like a snake attacked my dick. It was awful. You shoulda heard her at the dentist’s office though.

  • Marcus says:

    I am embarrassed about my large foreskin. I have not seen many other penis except from porn but I know my foreskin is longer than most guys have. I am straight and this causes me embarrassment with girls who don’t like uncircumcised penis.

    I hear the jokes about elephant trunk and dick cheese and it makes me wish I was circumcised! I try and pull it back but it is too long and hurts.

    I hope this book opens their eyes! men are born with a foreskin and if it is large then there is nothing wrong with that! Girls need to know it’s normal.

    • John says:


      I couldn’t agree with you more. In “human health” classes at school (i.e. “sex education”) we were told nothing about the pain of the foreskin being extended to allow the head of the penis to have some freedom and to let you ejaculate inside your partner. This is VERY important to young men.

      What is important about this current project is that we should be able to talk about these issues. I am also straight and have a foreskin which, whilst it seemed big, always hurt when I penetrated or if it had to be pulled back. I actually thought that my penis was too big for my foreskin. I even thought about getting some medical treatment for it – and I was embarrased because I didn’t know who to discuss this with.

      As the years go by, I find that the issue has reduced either because my penis doesn’t extend as far as it used to, or my foreskin is more flexible after years of use, or both.

  • t nichols says:

    i was wondering when i was 9 or 10 i see some of my friends playing with there penis . back then they showed me how to stroked my & theirs so i did for a long time as i got older my penis was shaped with a curve to the left i was told that was from stroking it for years . i dont know if this is true or not .does anybody know if this is true.

  • John says:

    I am now in my sixties. Sometimes I think that my penis has been a focus of my life. Why does it do what it does? Why does it get hard every day? Am I supposed to do more with it than I have done?

    In my late teens, it would wake me up every night, because when I went to bed, it became hard and it was always pressing against my pyjamas, which were mandatory items of nightwear in those days. I partially/significantly solved that problem by always sleeping naked to give “it” more freedom. I was then only woken when it got caught in the sheets or by my concern about my mother’s disappointment in me. Interestingly, my older brother, with whom I shared a bedroom, had the same issue and solved it the same way.

    I still sleep naked and every night, I still have an erection about which my long term (female) partner is often annoyed (why?) and my friends are envious.

    My penis and it’s variability, reflects my life. It tells me that I am healthy and still enjoying life. If I am to be quite honest, I love it when it is hard, because it makes me feel vital. I am not looking forward to it’s demise, and therefore mine?

  • jay says:

    Id like to share my penis with the world ive loved him for many years experimented with grooming and jewelery had piercings in it and have new piercings in it beatin him into submission and poked him into a few good places im glad i have him and i dont dont know what id do without him wish i could give u a picture to see how nicely shaped he is

  • Benjamin says:

    I think overall I am rather satisfied with my penis, I mean it works as it should do, that is to say I can excrete urine from it and it goes up and down very well!

    I was totally unaware of my condition (phimosis) until about a year ago however. Sex had become painful and this is what lead me to the discovery.

    I hadn’t seen the head of my penis until I stretched my foreskin repeatedly over weeks and weeks. About 25 years of life and I had no idea that this wasn’t usual!

    Anyway I am considering circumcision now and am possibly on that journey.

    I would love to have a bigger flaccid penis however am comforted by the fact that my penis is of decent size when erect and constantly remind myself that penis size isn’t a constant.

    Happy to have one indeed!

  • Brian says:

    I have a very large testicle. A lot of people comment on how large one of my balls are. This is not very uncommon. One day a friend of mine said ‘your testicles are very large’ and suggested I get it checked. After an awkward experience with the doctor and technician, (another story) it turns out I have varicocele. It means more blood is pumped into one of my testicles than the other. It is not hugely uncommon. It affects a lot of men that do not seek diagnosis because they think it is something more severe. I am happy to share the science behind it now, to people who comment. I think it is an important dialog to have, men’s health issues should be discussed regardless of sexual orientation or status. ‘ your balls are big dude, you should get them checked’. Now I know what is the cause. What a great friend.Too many men keep what’s going on downstairs to themselves….
    To anyone who may think they have varicocele, check it out, no surgery required and most likely, not needed

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