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Does this keep me awake at night?

“I am average length and girth, and don’t have anything that is really any more special than a million other men out there.

I was circumcised, as was the way on the 60’s, without any say, or understanding of the issue while a baby. I had no awareness of this, and thankfully, no memory.

During my youth, I was fascinated by one other kid in the neighborhood who was uncircumcised. When we would play in the scrub behind our houses, and take a piss together against some tree, I would notice the difference. I asked my mother about the difference, and that was the first time I became aware that I had been modified.

I thought nothing about it for many years, believing the old wives tales about cleanliness, sexual enhancement and disease repelling – none of which makes sense to me anymore.

I am now aware of what was done, but what the effect may have been, I can only imagine what might have been.

Am I concerned about this? Does this keep me awake at night? No it does not.
I have what I have, and I’ll do the best that I can.”


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