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101 Penis website launched

Dear Friends,

After almost two years working on the 101 Vagina project, the 101 Penis website is officially launched:

101 Penis – The taboo smashing coffee table book project

Have a look around the site and feel free to get in touch with any suggestions, recommendations or if you would like to contribute or participate in any way.

Whether I would also make a penis book was one of the most common questions I was asked while working on 101 Vagina. I had long intended to do so, but wanted 101 Vagina to be further along the road before taking this project on.

I’m looking forward to the ride! It will be interesting to see what issues arise out of this and how it is similar and different to the 101 Vagina project. A taboo is a taboo, but the circumstances around each are unique. Men and women are, after all, different and I suppose these projects may be pretty close to the core of these differences.

It seems to me that women’s issues have received more attention in the media generally. I’m sure it’s also due to my focus on vaginas from the 101 Vagina project, there seems to be more vagina love going round than penis love. It also seems that it’s more commonly accepted for homosexual men to express an appreciation of penises than it is for heterosexual women. Why should this be so?

And what is the nature of the taboo around penises? Well, I hope that the posts that will follow here, and the messages that will be in the book, will give us some idea of that that actually is. I’m sure there will be many different view on the subject and many men’s experiences shared, which will hopefully give us pause to think about the issues at hand.


101 Penis Project Progress

Number of photos taken for the project:
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