My Beautiful Penis is My Life Time Partner

“My Beautiful Penis is My Life time partner and it is very special for me and that i feel my special friend my penis has always been with me right through out all of my life and till this very moment in time and i love my life partner my penis which has given me a lot’s n lot’s of sexaul enjoyments and from those enjoyments i have to beautiful 2 children 🚸 and i can not find any words enough with which i think i can thank my very powerful friend my penis enough so please let me thank you and give you my blessings and may god be always be with you once again thank you.”


My penis is a paradox

My penis is a paradox.

It is at once the symbol of masculinity, of potency, of power, of
virility, and the most delicate, fragile, vulnerable part of me. It is
a source of pride and of shame, of pleasure and of pain. Sometimes it
is hard, sometimes it is soft — and in either state it can be a source
of great embarrassment. If it’s erect, you can tell through my
clothes, and I feel like I’m being judged as a sex fiend — even if it
was just the steady rhythm of the train that did it.

Think about yoghurt. Think about yoghurt. Damn, turns out my penis
thinks yoghurt’s sexy. Stop thinking about yoghurt.

I was circumcised as a kid, because I got an infection — at least
that’s what I was told later. I have no memory of the infection, or of
being uncircumcised. I have no opinion on whether I’d rather not have
had that done, since my whole experience of how a penis feels and
behaves is based on the one I’ve got. Nonetheless, I sometimes wonder
if it’s big enough. I have no memory of having a bigger penis, either,
but still I speculate. Would I rather have a longer one? What if it
were the same length, but thicker? Would I be more self-confident if I
possessed more pendulous genitals?

Why do I wonder about that part, and not others? I never wonder if my
fingers are an adequate length, or if larger feet might have altered
my destiny.

Is it big enough? Is there even a definitive answer to that? It shifts
about so much through the day that it seems pointless to wonder even
how big it is. It’s bigger after a hot shower than after a cold swim.
Sometimes it dangles — satisfyingly, confidently, like a lizard who’s
found a safe warm rock to sun itself — and sometimes it seems to want
to hide among my pubic hair like an acorn in the undergrowth. Do they
all do that?

It’s the one I’ve got. Don’t laugh.

Sydney 101 Penis shoot !

Finally I am going to do some photos in Sydney for the 101 Penis project!

I will be in Sydney from 25 Nov – 5 Dec. That’s NEXT WEEK!!! and the week after.

There will be perhaps 2 or 3 sessions I will arrange where everyone can come in at once (still private one on one sessions for the photos) though I will also be available to do private shoots if you either can’t make it during those times or you are concerned about anonymity or you simply feel shy or vulnerable. I want to accommodate everyone who wants to participate.

The shoots are likely to take place around the inner West.

If you’re interested in participating please reply to this email letting me know what times would generally be best for you (weekday evening? weekend morning? etc) so I can arrange some times that suit most people.

Also, please start working on your message for the book, which I need you to email to me BEFORE you come in for the shoot. This can be:

  • between a word and a page long
  • poetic or prose or any other style
  • silly or serious, irreverent or reverent
  • sharing a personal experience around your penis that shaped your relationship with it
  • feelings, thoughts, philosophical or spiritual standpoint, etc.

Please take some time to consider your words. Imagine people reading them in a gallery or in the book. Perhaps a teenager, growing up and dealing with the confusion our society currently has around sexuality and our bodies. Perhaps an elderly person who has never felt permission to openly talk about these issues for their entire life. Perhaps a lover, perhaps even a hater.

Don’t let this restrict you in any way, but let it expand you. I want the book to reflect the vast breadth of experience, rather than the narrow views that the mainstream promulgates. See if you can find an edge somewhere. If you’re afraid of saying something then that might be a good place to start, or if you just want to make a wisecrack then that’s ok too :) I want to create a space of permission.

As with the messages, I really want to get as much diversity into the book in terms of physical appearance also. Please don’t let any doubts or shame or discomfort you have with your body in general or penis in particular prevent you from participating. You are welcome and needed :)

Since this is a project that will be published as a book etc I also need participants to sign a standard copyright release form. This is a standard model release form I downloaded from the RMIT university website.


Ok, looking forward to hearing from you all :)