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– Create an object of simple, aesthetic beauty in the form of a coffee table book of black & white photographs of men’s penises.

– Give the men involved a voice to send a message to the world from, or about, their penises by including text from the men with the image.

– Help break down any remaining shame, taboo or stigma surrounding penises.

– Show the variety of penises to counter mainstream images.

– Challenge the status quo of what is acceptable as a coffee table photo book and a topic for public conversation.

– Be able to donate a bunch of cash to non-profit groups who support men in various ways. At this stage I’m hoping that $5-$10 from the sale of each book will go to various such charities, perhaps on a rotating basis.


– Take photographs of 101 men’s penises as viewed directly from the front in standing pose, including the hips as seen on the home page.

– Collate and arrange photos and text into a coffee table style hard cover book.

– Publish the book via a publishing house or by self-publishing. Promote the book in various ways and arrange a book launch and exhibitions.

– As far as possible this project will be shot using medium format black and white film in a 1960’s Rolleiflex. That’s just because I love the process of using it and love the quality of film. Digital backup photos will also be taken.


Essentially this is a follow on from my 101 Vagina project, perhaps a sequel of sorts.

As I worked on 101 Vagina, one of the most common questions I was asked was whether I would be making the 101 Penis book also. So, here it is :)

I believe that Penises have just as much, if not more, taboo around them than vaginas.

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101 Penis Project Progress

Number of photos taken for the project:
39 of 101 Penises


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