Loosing our marbles

“9 years ago I went to my doctor for a preventive medical checkup without any problems and got out of doctor’s office with the diagnose of testicular cancer. Three days later half of my crown jewels had gone! It took time for me to get myself accepted, but after a while I came to the conclusion that losing one ball doesn’t bother me. In the meantime, I take it as my dearly purchased victory vs.  cancer and don’t have any problems in public (sauna etc.).

Until last week on Friday: again a preventive medical checkup without probs and once again the diagnose cancer; this time the prostate. And once again I don’t give up fighting. But maybe it’s the last time I can be proud of my “wounds” and this could be the last chance to take a pic of my penis before the doctors once again come with their knifes making a stabile man an old guy wearing napkins or cutting nerves, which are extremely important in special situations….”


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